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Philly Music Babies sing-along and movement classes are great for babies and toddlers – Open Music classes are for a range of ages, and will allow children to discover a variety of instruments!

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Babies and Toddlers

Monthly Sign Ups, First Time Free!

mommy and me musicPhilly Music Babies | Ages 0-3, 45 min
Join us for our beloved singalong music and movement classes!  Families with babies and toddlers in Fishtown and South Philly meet weekly to play and sing songs. Baby, Mom, and Dad will love bringing home both old and new rhymes, music, and games.

When: Fridays at 4 PM (Fishtown) | Wednesdays at 9 AM (South Philly)
Tuition: $10/Class (Monthly Sign Up) First time FREE!

*Monthly sign ups allow for 1 makeup, which can be credited toward the upcoming month, or can be fulfilled during any scheduled classes throughout the year in Fishtown or South Philly. 

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openmusicwebOpen Music | Ages 3-4, 45 min 
Children explore string instruments and develop their ears during weekly group jam sessions and singing exercises. Hands-on practice with beginner techniques for guitar and ukulele are followed by free-play within various music-learning stations (sensory and sound play, weekly art projects, and other musical tinker-activities). Class ends with a boom-whacker, tub drumming story-time that incorporates imaginative rhythm interpretations of various children’s authors’ works.

When: Tuesdays @ 3:30 PM in Fishtown (starts Jan. 9th)
Tuition: $140 per 8 week session (includes pitch pipe or other music tool and materials)

2018 Schedule (Winter/Spring/Summer):
Session 1 | Jan 9th – 27th
Session 2 | March 6th – April 24th
Session 3 |  May 1st – Jun 19th
Session 4 | July 10th – Aug 28th

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Open Music | Ages 4-8, 45 min 

Kids ages 4-8 can take this weekday morning class for an open-ended music exploration. Various instruments are introduced, including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and keyboard, drums, and more. Guided by one of our multi-instrumentalist teachers, children will have the opportunity to creatively dive into playing together through group jams and games. Kids following alternative schooling paths can fill a morning with musical enrichment – Great for a homeschool schedule or for summer plans! Session options run from Winter through Summer.

When: Thursdays at 10 AM in Fishtown
Tuition: $140 per 8 week session (includes materials)

2018 Schedule (Winter/Spring/Summer):
Session 1 | Jan 11th – March 1st
Session 2 | March 8th – April 26th
Session 3 |  May 3rd – Jun 21st
Session 4 | July 12th – Aug 30th

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