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Song-centered music classes for babies and toddlers of all ages. We meet weekly to explore music, rhymes, and movement within a variety of animated musical activities. Parents and caregivers can play along throughout our 45 minutes of guitar, props, free-play, and piano time. 

When: Fridays 4 PM, Saturdays 10 AM (Fishtown) | 9 AM Wednesdays (South Philly)
Tuition: $10/class (4-5 weekly classes per month)

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mommy and me musicMusical activities with props help develop foundations like pitch, melody, and rhythm. Mixed age classes allow for new learning opportunities. Babies love to watch the older kids play circle games or try their hand at strumming the guitar – Big kids often become the helpers, and the little ones watch, intently learning. Small class sizes allow the teacher to fully interact with each child. Classes close with each child taking turns playing the notes on the big piano, which is of course everyone’s favorite part!

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