Philly Music Babies

Neighborhood mommy-and-me style music classes for babies, toddlers, and their caregivers in Fishtown and South Philly.

We’re taking off for the Summer!

We’ll be back in the Fall with more baby and toddler music in Fishtown and Passyunk Square. In the meantime, you can keep in touch with us via our calendar, instagram, facebook, and twitter. You can also join our newsletter to be notified of pop-up classes throughout the summer!

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mommy and me musicFishtown and South Philly music classes for moms, dads, caregivers and their babies. Babies and tots meet weekly, learning songs and playing with instruments and props while developing foundations like pitch, melody, and rhythm.

At Philly Music Babies classes, the fundamentals of music are explored while children experiment with creative expression through movement and rhymes. Lead by our teachers Coco and Keely on guitar, recognizable kids songs are visited regularly, while new tunes are slowly woven into the mix. Numbers, body parts, and colors are incorporated into classes, and kids become familiar with solfege (“Do, Re, Mi”). Assorted xylophones, rattles, and drums contribute to free-play time. Babies love to watch the older kids play circle games or try their hand at strumming the guitar. Big kids often become the helpers, and the little ones watch, intently learning. Small class sizes allow the teacher to fully interact with each child. Classes close with each child taking turns playing the notes on the big piano, which is of course everyone’s favorite part! Back to Classes