As a parent or student, what should I know about taking music lessons?

If I were someone looking to learn how to play an instrument, I think it would be important to know how much work and dedication it takes to really pursue my goals.  A lesson happens only once a week for a half hour to an hour. The learning really takes place in between that time, and I think it’s important for prospective students to understand that teachers are there for guidance and support.  For children, it is very important for parents to help reinforce this idea by becoming involved in their children’s practice schedule. Despite what you may read in some advertisements and websites, teachers can not convey “secrets” that will automatically make you good at an instrument. Hard work and dedication is needed to progress. The teacher can, however, provide an atmosphere that is conducive to a fun and rewarding experience.

What important information should I think through before taking lessons?

Always think about how much work you are willing to put into learning outside of the weekly meetings. If it’s only a couple minutes a week, then shorter lessons would be more beneficial. If you’re a more advanced player or would like to progress more quickly, than longer lessons are recommended, so the teacher has more time to give you a more detailed lesson plan.

What questions should I ask in order to find the right school or teacher?

Always ask how long other students have been with the teacher or school. This is a very good indication of the ability of the teachers to keep students interested and inspired. It’s also a good idea to ask each teacher questions based on what you know you or your child is interested in learning. Some music schools will not be able to accommodate more specific requests, such as classical guitar, jazz piano and so forth.

What advice do you have for a customer looking for the right music teacher?

When looking for a private music instructor it’s important to find someone who is patient, understanding and develops lesson plans based on your own feedback. Too many teachers follow strict lesson plans and don’t allow for the improvisational relationship between student and teacher that’s so important to the learning process. Make sure to find someone that offers a discounted trial lesson with the teacher so you can make sure you are being paired up with a teacher who is right for you.

Describe three recent lessons you’ve taught.

In the past week our teachers have taught a six year old how to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, provided an 83 year old stroke victim with a partner with which to play “Autumn Leaves”, and discussed the intricacies of music theory and improvisation with a high school student preparing for a college audition.

Describe the most common types of lessons you offer.

We provide In-Home and In-Studio private guitar, piano, drum and bass lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. Our teachers provide engaging and thoughtful lesson plans, while maintaining an atmosphere of fun and creativity. All ages and skill levels are welcome. If you’re close to our studio, then we can offer a fully equipped recording facility complete with drums, guitars, amps and microphones to help you on your way to achieving your musical aspirations. If you’re too busy or too far away to come to us, then our teachers will bring all the necessary equipment to your home to provide the best musical experience possible.