Open Music

A Hands-on Exploratory Music Class, Ages 3-4

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A kid-led precursor to formal music lessons – from ear-training to practice with real instruments, free-play and art, story-inspired rhymes and drum exercises, as well as group playing.

AGES 3-4

When: Tuesdays at 3:30 PM
Session Tuition: $140 per 8 week session (includes pitch pipe)

2018 Schedule (Winter/Spring/Summer):
Session 1 | Jan 9th – Feb 27th
Session 2 | March 6th – April 24th
Session 3 |  May 1st – Jun 19th
Session 4 | July 10th – Aug 28th

AGES 4-8

When: Thursdays at 10 AM in Fishtown
Tuition: $140 per 8 week session (includes materials)

2018 Schedule (Winter/Spring/Summer):
Session 1 | Jan 11th – March 1st
Session 2 | March 8th – April 26th
Session 3 |  May 3rd – Jun 21st
Session 4 | July 12th – Aug 30th

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Our Open Music class for ages 3-4 allows children to experiment with a variety of music learning tools and instruments. Elements of the Kodaly method are incorporated into group work, leaving kids with a basic understanding of rhythm, melody, and notes. A group introduction with strings and finale on percussion enables kids to gain hands-on experience with performance and playing. Free play, percussion-lead stories, and art projects create a unique introduction to music. Session art projects and stories change throughout the year allowing children to continue from session to session.

Thursday morning Open Music for ages 4-8 is a collaborative musical immersion. With teacher guided discovery of guitar, keys, and percussion, kids will have the opportunity to approach music-learning in a group atmosphere. With a focus on group jam sessions, children will gain exposure to a number of real instruments. Each child will learn how to play a separate role in an ensemble environment.

You can keep in touch with us via our calendarinstagram, facebook, and twitter. You can also join our newsletter to be notified of pop-up classes throughout the year!


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