How It Works

Piano teachers in Philadelphia
1. Register Online
  • To begin the process of scheduling a half-price trial lesson, please fill out our online interest form by clicking the"Register Now" button above. If you have additional questions, you can give us a call at (215) 645-0405.
  • Once we have all the information we need, we will set off to connect you or your child with a teacher whose expertise matches your goals and interests. After we find the right teacher whose availability syncs with yours, we will confirm the trial lesson date, time and location with you by email before scheduling.
  • We do ask that you book your trial lesson on a day/time that would work for you if you decide to continue with lessons. This way we can make sure that you keep the same teacher moving forward!
2. Receive Introductory Emails

After scheduling your trial, you will receive the following emails from us:

    1. Invoice -We will send you an invoice via email, to be paid prior to the lesson. Your confirmation email denotes that your lesson has been officially booked, even if you have not yet paid the invoice. Please pay the invoice prior to the trial lesson, and note that trial lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may still be billable.
    1.  2. Confirmation Email - This will give you the basics of what you need to know before your trial lesson including the date, time and location. For online lessons we will also connect you with your teacher to determine the best online platform for you trial lesson
    1. 3. Teacher Information - Included in the introductory email will be a link to your teacher's biography page on our website. You can browse this to learn more about your potential teacher before taking your trial lesson!
3. Take Your Trial Lesson

Your trial lesson will be your first meeting with your potential teacher. Your teacher will meet you at one of our Philadelphia studios, at your home or on an online platform depending on what type of lesson you booked. This lesson is half price and is completely free of any further obligations. Before committing to a recurring lesson schedule, we want you to be certain that your teacher is the right fit for you!

4. Trial Lesson Follow-Up

We will follow-up with you via email after your trial lesson to see how everything went. If you're excited about continuing right after taking your first lesson you can feel free to email or call the office about setting up more lessons! Please do not try to book further lessons directly with your teacher. All scheduling must go through our office.

5. Set up a recurring lesson Schedule

If you decide you'd like to continue taking lessons with your teacher after the trial lesson, our office will help set you up with a recurring lesson schedule. Unless otherwise discussed, continuing lessons would be held weekly, on the same day and time as your trial lesson. Please note that our peak hours of 3:30pm-8:00pm Monday-Friday and 10:00am-2:00pm on Saturdays are reserved for weekly lessons, though some accommodations can be made for online lessons.

6. Decide on a payment plan

We offer two main billing options for continuing with lessons (see Lesson Rates for more details):

    1. Monthly Billing - Most people choose to do weekly lessons at the same time every week and pay by the month. With this option you will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month for all the lessons in that month. Payment is due by the first lesson of each month. We are flexible with makeup lessons or skipping lessons as long as 24 hours notice is given.
    1.  2.10 Lesson Season Package (10% off) - We also offer a season package of 10 lessons at 10% off. This is a good option if you know you or your child will be taking lessons for at least a couple of months. Payment is due up front for all 10 lessons with this option. You can still skip lessons or do makeup lessons with this option as long as 24 hours notice is given. The season package is good until all 10 lessons are taught.

For either billing option, to avoid disruptions in your lessons, all lessons are set to continue regularly until you notify the office that you need to discontinue. Please make sure to give at least 24 hours of notice before the first lesson you would like to cancel to avoid being billed.

Registration Fee: There is a $40.00, one-time only registration fee for each student who is continuing with lessons. This will be included on your first bill and is good for a lifetime. If you decide to take a break from lessons for a couple of months, you will not be charged a second registration fee when you come back!

That's it! Welcome to the Philly Music Lessons Family!

Philly Music Lessons specializes in connecting students of all ages and skill levels with great teachers in the Philadelphia and Main Line areas.