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An Introduction to Philly Music Lessons!

Teaching is one of the many perks of being a musician. Its easy for us to lose ourselves in a class or a lesson as we enter down each rabbit hole, never knowing quite where a student’s mind will take us. We find students are ready to latch onto musical concepts at any age and skill level, and it doesn’t take long for curiosity to lead the way. As teachers, we are continuously re-encountering concepts during lessons, which bifurcate into new and creative understandings. As we bounce perspectives back and forth, as if improvising, our days are chock-full of “ah-hah” moments for both teacher and student alike. That creativity is a core value at Philly Music Lessons, so we thank our students for coming along for the ride!

To show Philly how enthused we all are to be doing what we’re doing, here’s a short video to share more of us with you. You can meet teachers, see the space, catch a glimpse of some lessons, and observe and student recording sessions. We give you a run down of our teaching principles, show you recital footage, and take you into a baby music class.

In addition to the video, you can read about our teachers here on our site. We have bios for each instructor outlining their backgrounds and expertise. You can also browse the ever-growing list of instruments we teach. As you read, you will find that our teachers are an eclectic mix of classically trained devotees of music and experienced performers, who often frequent local music scenes and productions. For instance, one of our classical guitar instructors plays in a raucous, touring blues band, which makes annual pilgrimages to perform at South by Southwest. Many teachers also perform in a variety of other productions, such as a recent appearance during a production for Philly Fringe Arts, and numerous jazz jam sessions at Ortliebs and Chris’s.

In addition to being performers, some of our instructors are composers and producers. Joseph Primavera, founder of Philly Music Lessons, is one such example. Below is a playlist of our teachers’ work, which includes some of his original compositions. You can also check out student work here as well.


What seems to bring all of our our teachers together under the Philly Music Lessons umbrella is a passion for teaching. Perhaps they are drawn together in our Fishtown space because they relish the autonomy and find excitement in the easy flow between traditional and contemporary music applications. Whether students come to us for pop music or to learn some Coltrane or Chopin, they will no doubt enjoy their explorations with one of our many musicians, equipped with his or her own unique passion for music.

Saturday Kids Music – 18th – Morning of Songs for Baby!

Current times: Tuesdays 9am and 10am & Wednesdays 10am. Drop in or Sign up! Additional times available.

for moms and baby

Music Classes for Kids in Philly

October Music Classes

Philly Music Babies introduces music to your baby and young children through song, rhythm exercises, movement, and play.

Come join us weekdays throughout the Fall & Saturday, October 18th!

For those looking for weekend music classes, there will be a class on Saturday, October 18th at 10amFeel free to drop in with your little ones for $15 (first timeFREE!). Current students and alumni of our monthly signup classes can stop by for $10. If you think you’ll be attending, please email Coco at Suggested for babies and tots 0-3 years (all ages welcome).


Philly Music Lessons & Philly Music Babies
2111 East Susquehanna Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(Martha Street Entrance)
*Stroller Accessible!

In addition to our scheduled Saturdays, we also hold regular weekday classes. Current times are Tuesdays at 9am and 10am and Wednesdays at 10am. Thursday classes may also available based on demand. Our sign up rate is $10/class. If you wish to drop-in occasionally, drop-ins can attend single classes for $15. Additional children are +$5.

Hope to see you!
Claire “Coco”

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Half-Price Trial Lessons! First time baby music class attendees visit free!

learn piano, guitar, drums, upright bass, and more

Private Music Lessons for Kids

All grown up now? We teach small group lessons for both adults and children as young as 3! Lessons can be arranged for between 2-5 kids or adults. We offer lessons in guitar, piano, bass, drums, clarinet, voice, cello, flute, saxophone, violin, banjo, ukulele, and trumpet. Our teachers also offer one-on-one private music lessons.