Why We Love Passyunk Square

Why We Love Passyunk Square

Bounded by Washington Avenue to the north, 6th street to the east, Tasker Street to the south and Broad Street to the west; Passyunk Square is widely regarded as one of the most vibrant and enchanting neighborhoods in Philadelphia. 

Home to both old generations and new transplants, the people of Passyunk Square have a reputation for being friendly, civically engaged and passionate. With no shortage of community events (the wildly popular Flavors of the Avenue among them) the neighborhood stands out as one of Philadelphia’s most energetic. For visitors looking for a spirited twist on the classic urban experience, Passyunk Square serves as the perfect opportunity. 

East Passyunk Avenue is brimming with boutiques, vintage and specialty shops, salons and more. Many of the most historic and authentic Italian restaurants as well as contemporary gastropubs and BYOBs operate here. This juxtaposition of old-world charm and modern vitality creates an alluring energetic vibe that serves as the backbone of the Avenue. 

Philly Music Lessons is proud to reside within and to serve this community. Creatively speaking, we could not have landed in a more inspiring location. Come and see all that Passyunk Square has to offer and pop in to Philly Music Lessons for a half price trial lesson. 


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