Why We Love Fishtown

Why We Love Fishtown

Proudly based out of Fishtown, we opened our first studio here at 2111 E Susquehanna Avenue just shy of ten years ago. We loved the neighborhood then, back in the days of Ida Mae’s and the Rocket Cat Cafe, and we love it still today. In recent years, the community has seen an influx of artists and entrepreneurs which has led to the development of new restaurants and cultural spaces. Home to numerous galleries, studios, shops and street art; the overall atmosphere here is lively, vibrant and dynamic. 

Fishtown has become a culinary hotspot, with a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and bars offering diverse dining experiences. The food scene attracts both local gourmands and visitors from afar. Despite all of its relatively recent changes, Fishtown has a strong sense of community, with residents actively engaging in local events and initiatives. Activities like street festivals, such as the increasingly popular FestivAle and Fishtown Freeze, as well as farmers’ markets are widely popular amongst community members. 

The neighborhood has managed to retain some of its historical charm, its distinctive architecture and cobblestone streets. This blend of old and new adds unique character to Fishtown. Gritty and fresh all at once, Fishtown embodies the heart of Philadelphia yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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