Top Apps and Online Resources for Music Students

Top Apps and Online Resources for Music Students

In today’s digital age, learning music has never been more accessible. With a plethora of apps and online resources, students can enhance their musical skills anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re a beginner looking to pick up a new instrument or an advanced musician aiming to perfect your craft, there’s a tool out there for you. Here are some of the top apps and online resources for music students.

1. Yousician

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

Overview: Yousician is an interactive learning app that caters to guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, and singing students. It offers a gamified learning experience where students can play along with the app, receive instant feedback, and progress through levels.


  • Real-time feedback on your playing
  • Structured lessons from beginner to advanced
  • Wide range of songs and exercises
  • Progress tracking and challenges

Why It’s Great: Yousician is perfect for self-motivated learners who enjoy a game-like interface and want to learn at their own pace.

2. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Platform: iOS, Android

Overview: Simply Piano is designed for both beginners and those looking to brush up on their piano skills. The app listens to your piano or keyboard playing and provides instant feedback.


  • Step-by-step tutorials for various levels
  • A vast library of songs
  • Real-time feedback
  • Interactive lessons and challenges

Why It’s Great: Simply Piano is user-friendly and makes learning piano fun and engaging, with lessons that adapt to your pace and skill level.


Platform: Web

Overview: offers free resources to help students learn music theory. From lessons and exercises to tools like a chord calculator and interval ear trainer, it’s a comprehensive site for music theory education.


  • Interactive music theory lessons
  • Customizable exercises for practice
  • Tools like a staff paper generator and chord calculator
  • Free and accessible from any device

Why It’s Great: This resource is invaluable for students who need a strong foundation in music theory, offering clear explanations and interactive practice tools.

4. Soundbrenner

Platform: iOS, Android

Overview: Soundbrenner is a metronome app that helps musicians keep time with a customizable tempo and rhythm patterns. It can also be paired with the Soundbrenner Pulse, a wearable metronome.


  • Highly customizable metronome settings
  • Tap tempo feature
  • Syncs with multiple devices for group practice
  • Practice statistics and goal setting

Why It’s Great: For students looking to improve their timing and rhythm, Soundbrenner offers a versatile and intuitive tool that can be used in a variety of practice scenarios.

5. Musescore

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Overview: Musescore is a free music notation software that allows students to create, play, and print sheet music. The accompanying app lets users access a vast library of sheet music on the go.


  • Powerful notation tools
  • Access to an extensive library of sheet music
  • MIDI input for creating music
  • Free and open-source

Why It’s Great: Musescore is an excellent tool for students who want to compose or transcribe music, offering professional-level notation capabilities without the cost.

6. Teoria

Platform: Web

Overview: Teoria is a comprehensive online resource for music theory and ear training. It offers tutorials, exercises, and interactive tools to help students understand and practice music theory concepts.


  • Detailed music theory tutorials
  • Interactive ear training exercises
  • Customizable exercises for different skill levels
  • Free to use

Why It’s Great: Teoria is perfect for students who need to supplement their music theory education with practical exercises and detailed explanations.

7. Fender Play

Platform: iOS, Android, Web

Overview: Fender Play is a guided online guitar, bass, and ukulele learning platform that provides video lessons from professional musicians.


  • Step-by-step video lessons
  • Progress tracking
  • Wide range of genres and styles
  • Play-along songs and exercises

Why It’s Great: Fender Play is ideal for students who prefer structured video lessons and want to learn from experienced musicians at their own pace.


With these top apps and online resources, music students have a wealth of tools at their fingertips to aid in their musical journey. Whether you’re looking to learn a new instrument, improve your music theory knowledge, or keep your practice sessions on track, there’s an app or online resource to meet your needs. Embrace the digital age and enhance your music learning experience today!


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