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Philly Music Lessons Classical Guitar Teachers – new addition Josh Olmstead

New Philly Music Lessons Teachers for Classical Guitar in Philadelphia – If you’ve visited our teacher page, you’ve seen our teachers, both old and new.  But we wanted to formally welcome additions to the ever-growing bunch.  Josh Olmstead has been teaching guitar lessons with us for just a few months, but has been teaching private lessons in Philadelphia and the Main Line for many years. He has been a close friend of ours in music for over 10 years, and we are grateful to have him with us!

Classically trained in guitar, with an interest in blues and rock and roll, Josh has played lead guitar in many Philadelphia bands (ours included!).  He has also been an avid composer, writing and performing guitar and vocals for his solo projects throughout the years.  Josh has a deep understanding of arrangement, both from his classical guitar background, as well as his roles as band-leader for rock and roll projects.  When it comes to teaching, Josh is one of our most seasoned instructors. His classical guitar repertoire includes Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic pieces.  His professional experience performing both classical and modern styles of guitar makes him an excellent teacher for those wishing to pursue music performance as a career.  His enthusiasm for folk, blues and rock and roll is a true asset when it comes to teaching singer/songwriters, and those wanting to learn guitar riffs and chords.

Want to schedule classical guitar lessons with Josh? You can take a trial lesson by contacting us or calling (610)451-7883  Your first lesson with us is half-priced!


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Josh Olmstead’s Bio as seen on our Teachers page:

“I am a singer, songwriter, and classically trained guitarist, whose guitar repertoire includes Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic works. Since graduating from Temple University with a BA in American Studies/Minor in Music, I have focused on sharing music through writing, recording, performing and teaching. As a guitar instructor, I choose specific coursework and style of guitar based on the interests and skill-level of individual students. General study includes development of a wide range of skills, such as accurate tuning, technique, scales, arpeggios, reading music notation and/or tablature, sight-reading, chords, songs and/or repertoire, vocal accompaniment, music theory, as well as general musicianship.”

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