Music Exploration, Ages 3 – 5

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Beginner Piano, Percussion, Ear-Training, Songwriting, Art, & Fun!

Dates: April 1st – May 13th (No Class April 8th)
Spring Recital: Saturday, May 20th
Time: Saturdays at 11AM
Ages: 3 – 5
Cost: $96 for 6 classes
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Keely Silibila_Voice Lessons

Welcome to early music exploration! This class is designed for children who have a unique love for music, but may not be quite ready for private lessons. Our six week session incorporates playful, intuitive music-making featuring a different instrument every week including piano, vocals, ukulele, violin, percussion and more! An art project each week emphasizes beginner knowledge, and interactive group songs and activities illustrate important concepts. Song-writing will be used as a tool to engage creativity, while making instruments and creative percussion set-ups will act as the forum for conveying other important musical ideas.

This six week class will culminate with the kids performing a song at our Spring Recital on Saturday, May 20th held at the Philadelphia Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square. Taught by Keely Sibila, this class is a mix of visual arts and hands-on music. Students will learn foundations that are relevant to beginner lessons for any instrument.

Sample Art Projects

Our art projects revolve around concepts like rhythm, sound, and the symbolic languages of music (notes and other representations). How instruments and their parts translate into noise (exploring resonance using string and percussion concepts) is illustrated by the various parts of our home-made instruments. Check out our Kalimba (Mbira), a.k.a. the thumb piano, below. During the art section of class, we also may listen to music from around the world, relevant to our project.

For conveying  the idea of symbolic note representation, we used our solfege practice (ear training and the basic music syllables do-re-mi) to make necklaces, which we then translated into music at the piano. Each pasta type represented a different solfege syllable, and when we “played back” our necklace patterns at the piano, each child got to hear the song he or she had created.


string instrument solfege

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