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mere_bio_pic“I teach beginner/intermediate piano lessons. My training began at age 6 and I have been a music enthusiast ever since. My experience with music includes voice, flute and guitar, but I am most well-versed in piano. I am a classically trained pianist and spent the majority of my training studying composers including Bach, Clementi and Zuhlau. I participated in the National Piano Guild Auditions from 2002-2004 and placed at both State and National levels. I am a Pennsylvania certified K-6 teacher and currently teach 5th grade at Memphis Street Academy Charter School in Kensington. I take a technical yet fun-loving approach to teaching. I believe in building a strong foundation in theory and exploring multiple realms of music to guide each student towards their own unique niche.” Schedule a Lesson

Read below for a brief interview with Meredith discussing her teaching philosophy and musical background:

Mere, you were a ballet dancer back in the day as well as a piano player.  Did you ever learn pieces you then danced to (or vice versa)?  
I did not, unfortunately, although it would have been a great thing to have done! I do believe that having experience dancing to classical pieces increased my fluidity in playing. It definitely helped to strengthen the physical-auditory connection.

What inspired you to play piano? 
It was an option that was presented to me at a young age, as it is for many young pianists; I don’t remember begging to take piano lessons but I am so grateful that I had the opportunity and that my mom kept encouraging me to play even when I wasn’t feeling inspired.

What was the most challenging part of learning piano? 
For me, scales and key changes. Give me a piece in C major or G and I can play it no problem. Even now, playing pieces with multiple sharps and flats is difficult. Playing as an adult, I realize the importance of learning and memorizing scales and keys!

Do you remember any particular moments of insight, when you were learning piano and you had an “ah-ha” moment? 
When I was in high school I had one of the most amazing piano teachers. She was so passionate about playing. When I started being able to really feel the music, instead of just playing notes, that’s when I knew how much I really loved playing.

Favorite composer? 
Probably Muzio Clementi and of course Bach.

What was the best advice given to you about learning piano (or music as a whole)? 
Enjoy it. It is hard work at first, but it should be pleasurable. It shouldn’t feel like a chore.

In addition to private lessons, you also teach at an elementary school in Philadelphia.  What is your favorite thing about teaching?  What is the most challenging? 
The thing I enjoy the most is getting to know the kids- who they really are. It’s really tough to break through the shell of a fifth grader, but when it happens, it’s a great moment. Establishing that connection with them makes it much easier to teach. The most challenging part of teaching is adhering the wide range of learning abilities in the classroom. You want to be able to spend every moment with each one of them individually and meet their own unique needs but it can be a daunting task with such a wide range.

Best piano memory: 
Playing at the national piano guild auditions. I worked tirelessly to memorize and perfect 12 pieces. Although I was only competing against myself, it was nerve-wracking. But when I received my scores, it was the most rewarding feeling!

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