Mary Loftus – Violin, Viola, Piano Teacher

Violin, Viola and Piano

Mary Loftus


B.M. Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music

Classical, Pop, Fiddle

Mary Loftus is an active performer and teacher in Philadelphia. She holds a bachelor’s in music from Vanderbilt University, where she obtained a Suzuki teaching certification, served as concertmaster of the Vanderbilt symphony orchestra, and won a graduation award for excellence in string performance. While in Nashville she began performing with the Nashville Symphony, Ballet, and Opera, and recorded soundtracks for movies and video games at Ocean Way Studios. 

Currently Mary is a member Delaware Symphony and the Ocean City Pops. She performs with many other ensembles in and around Philadelphia. 

As a teacher, she aims is to help students build a strong technical foundation so they can more effectively express themselves through music. She wants to share the joy of music and create a fun atmosphere for learning and growth.

When did you begin playing violin, and why?

My parents enrolled me in violin lessons when I was 4. I think they thought it would be an enriching experience, which turned out to be true.

What other instruments do you play, and what is your experience with them?

I can play some viola and baroque violin. I also play piano.

What are your personal goals as a musician?

To always make interesting and intentional sounds, and to connect with the listener.

Do you have a memory of a time when a musical concept or technique really clicked?  Something you’ll remember forever?

Discovering how effective it is to use the metronome when you practice.

What is your favorite piece of advice from one of your past (or current) teachers?

Relax and show your personality in the music.

What was your most challenging moment learning an instrument?

Learning to teach myself through practicing effectively.

What is your biggest musical achievement?

Being able to meaningfully communicate with others through music, e.g., while playing chamber music.

Favorite thing about teaching?

Watching students make progress and be able to make music they enjoy.

What is a piece of advice you would like to share with anyone learning music?

Practice slowly.


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