Big Kids Music Classes

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$15/class with monthly sign-up (stop by and try a class for FREE!)

Thursdays at 4PM, ages 4-6 (start date TBD), 8 weeks
Hands-on Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Bass

Fishtown, Philadelphia

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Here is a description of the last series of classes:

Kids Learn the Fundamentals of Music by Playing Together

Big Kid’s Class, Ages 4-6 in Fishtown/Kensington

Xylophones and PianoCovering the fundamentals of piano (keyboard instruments),ukulele (fretted string instruments), and drums (percussion instruments), our music class for kids, ages 4-6 is a creative, group approach to learning music. Children have the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of music for $15/class (45 minutes each). The fundamentals they learn will pave the way for studying a variety of instruments. Core musical concepts will be explored through experimentation and social learning.

With small class sizes, there is ample room for discussion, questions, and spontaneity. Experimentation and fun are key, and curiosity is embraced. Subjects covered include how instruments work, note reading, ear training (pitch), time, and rhythm. How sounds are made (with strings and mallets inside of the piano for example) and how pitch changes are observed through play. Art is also used to reinforce concepts, illustrating notes, finger numbers, patterns, and more. Instrument making will engage children, bringing the learning process into the home through the collection of natural materials for production.

Each child will also be able to take home their own kazoo. Kazoos help strengthen connections between the voice and ear (pitch). Learning to make noise by following patterns on piano or notes on paper is a practice they can take home week after week. Encouraging children to hum while working with their favorite songs is a great way to build ear skills! If you are interested in classes, but can’t commit to our regular schedule, you can drop in to classes for $20 with notice (contact us here).


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