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Chelsea Meynig

I teach flute. I truly feel that Hans Christian Anderson had it right in saying, “When words fail music speaks.” I believe this is the reason why we as a society need music and look to make it for ourselves. I believe for both my playing and teaching that music is communication and it can be learned and practiced like a language. I began studying flute at age 10 and continue to work to become a better flautist. I recently graduated from Temple University with my Masters degree in May of 2016. While I was there I studied with David Cramer the associate principal of the Philadelphia Orchestra. I was principal flute of the Grammy nominated Temple University Symphony Orchestra, as well as section leader of the Wind Ensemble. I was also the flute player for the New School Wood Wind Quintet for my entire tenure at Temple. For my Undergraduate degree I studied at Shenandoah Conservatory with Mr. Jonathan Snowden, one of Britain’s première flute players, as well as Dr. Frances Lapp Averitt. I was principal flute of the Shenandoah Conservatory Symphony Orchestra from 2012-2014. My primary teacher was Margaret Newcomb who is now a dear friend and mentor whom I still call often. I have played principal flute abroad on tour an­­d in the U.S. in such concert venues as Carnegie Hall and Philadelphia’s own Verizon Hall. Read more about Chelsea

Sam Bishoff

I teach saxophone, flute, and clarinet. As a child, my parents exposed me to a variety of music and I soon became obsessed with B.B. King and the blues. I grew up in Seattle and the local blues radio station played jazz on the weekdays, so as I listened for my hero B.B. to come on the radio, I was accidentally introduced to jazz and I loved it! I started playing saxophone in grade school, and I continued to play through high school and eventually decided to attend Temple University where I recently completed a degree in Jazz Performance. I also spent a semester studying abroad at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such musicians as Larry McKenna, Mike Crotty, Dan Monaghan and Greg Kettinger. When it comes to teaching I like to strike a balance between building a solid base in rudiments, as well as pursuing the interests of the student. I am comfortable teaching a number of styles such as jazz, classical, and pop, as well as concepts like improvising, reading, theory, and composing. I also welcome students of all levels and ages. - Read More About Sam

Nate Hook

I teach piano, saxophone, clarinet, and flute. My musical success can be largely attributed to my own teachers.  Although I began learning at age six, my lessons, practicing, and as a result my playing all came together when I began lessons with Alex Bohrer at age eleven.  Alex's teaching style put music theory to practical use in the music I learned.  This knowledge of how music was constructed gave me a deeper understanding of music.  Instead of just learning what notes to play, I learned why I was playing those notes.  This style of music education is present in the lessons I teach.  Instead of learning chords and scales in a cold, academic way, you'll learn how they fit into the songs you're learning. - Read More About Nate

David Fishkin

I teach saxophone, flute and clarinet. I am currently on the faculty of the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts, and I am a woodwind teaching artist through the youth program of Symphony in C. I studied music at Oberlin College, and, most significantly, in Philadelphia with legendary saxophonist Odean Pope. I play with the West Philadelphia Orchestra, the city's hardest working brass band, as well as many other ensembles. I have a deep interest in improvised music, as well as high-octane, hard-hitting experiments with amplified saxophone. As a teacher, I emphasize developing a personal intrumental tone, and I try to help my students become the most creative musicians that they can be.

Emily Stewart

I teach violin and viola, piano and flute. I have been playing violin for 14 years.  I have a bachelor's degree in Violin Performance from Temple University. I have experience teaching private and group lessons to all ages in various programs throughout the city, including Play on Philly and Temple Music Prep. I emphasize technique and practice methods in lessons while fostering an appreciation for all forms of music. - Read More About Emily