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Learn how to read music, proper breathing technique and the standard repertoire, all while gaining the skills necessary to perform in an orchestra or ensemble.  Call us or use the contact button above to sign up for flute lessons today!

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More about our flute teachers:

Chelsea Meynig

I teach flute. I truly feel that Hans Christian Anderson had it right in saying, “When words fail music speaks.” I believe this is the reason why we as a society need music and look to make it for ourselves. I believe for both my playing and teaching that music is communication and it can be learned and practiced like a language. I began studying flute at age 10 and continue to work to become a better flautist. I recently graduated from Temple University with my Masters degree in May of 2016. While I was there I studied with David Cramer the associate principal of the Philadelphia Orchestra. I was principal flute of the Grammy nominated Temple University Symphony Orchestra, as well as section leader of the Wind Ensemble. I was also the flute player for the New School Wood Wind Quintet for my entire tenure at Temple. For my Undergraduate degree I studied at Shenandoah Conservatory with Mr. Jonathan Snowden, one of Britain’s première flute players, as well as Dr. Frances Lapp Averitt. I was principal flute of the Shenandoah Conservatory Symphony Orchestra from 2012-2014. My primary teacher was Margaret Newcomb who is now a dear friend and mentor whom I still call often. I have played principal flute abroad on tour an­­d in the U.S. in such concert venues as Carnegie Hall and Philadelphia’s own Verizon Hall. Read more about Chelsea

Sam Bishoff

I teach saxophone, flute, and clarinet. As a child, my parents exposed me to a variety of music and I soon became obsessed with B.B. King and the blues. I grew up in Seattle and the local blues radio station played jazz on the weekdays, so as I listened for my hero B.B. to come on the radio, I was accidentally introduced to jazz and I loved it! I started playing saxophone in grade school, and I continued to play through high school and eventually decided to attend Temple University where I recently completed a degree in Jazz Performance. I also spent a semester studying abroad at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such musicians as Larry McKenna, Mike Crotty, Dan Monaghan and Greg Kettinger. When it comes to teaching I like to strike a balance between building a solid base in rudiments, as well as pursuing the interests of the student. I am comfortable teaching a number of styles such as jazz, classical, and pop, as well as concepts like improvising, reading, theory, and composing. I also welcome students of all levels and ages. - Read More About Sam

Nate Hook

I teach piano, saxophone, clarinet, and flute. My musical success can be largely attributed to my own teachers.  Although I began learning at age six, my lessons, practicing, and as a result my playing all came together when I began lessons with Alex Bohrer at age eleven.  Alex's teaching style put music theory to practical use in the music I learned.  This knowledge of how music was constructed gave me a deeper understanding of music.  Instead of just learning what notes to play, I learned why I was playing those notes.  This style of music education is present in the lessons I teach.  Instead of learning chords and scales in a cold, academic way, you'll learn how they fit into the songs you're learning. - Read More About Nate

David Fishkin

I teach saxophone, flute and clarinet. I am currently on the faculty of the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts, and I am a woodwind teaching artist through the youth program of Symphony in C. I studied music at Oberlin College, and, most significantly, in Philadelphia with legendary saxophonist Odean Pope. I play with the West Philadelphia Orchestra, the city's hardest working brass band, as well as many other ensembles. I have a deep interest in improvised music, as well as high-octane, hard-hitting experiments with amplified saxophone. As a teacher, I emphasize developing a personal intrumental tone, and I try to help my students become the most creative musicians that they can be.

Emily Stewart

I teach violin and viola, piano and flute. I have been playing violin for 14 years.  I have a bachelor's degree in Violin Performance from Temple University. I have experience teaching private and group lessons to all ages in various programs throughout the city, including Play on Philly and Temple Music Prep. I emphasize technique and practice methods in lessons while fostering an appreciation for all forms of music. - Read More About Emily