Drum Lessons

In Home and Studio Lessons

1/2 hr, 45 min, 1 hr Lessons
In-home in Philadelphia, Lower Merion, Main-Line
Fishtown and South Philly Studio Lessons

Rock, Jazz, Swing, Hip-hop, Electronic, and more
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Students

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Beginners will quickly learn the basic patterns and techniques to back up a band. Once students master the basics, studies move on to learn interdependence and the advanced techniques of the masters.

The First 6 months of Drum Lessons (Beginners)

drum teachers and lessons for technique enhancementThe first thing you’ll learn is how to play rhythms between the right and left hand clearly. In order to do that, you will learn how to properly hold the drumsticks. How the drumsticks are held will effect a range of things from, speed, sound, comfort and even avoiding minor injuries (that’s right, you can hurt yourself!). To get a good feel for handling the sticks, you will need a consistent practice of 15-120 mins a day. Working on control of the sticks will also give you an introduction to reading music. Learning to read will begin to feed your imagination with a vocabulary of rhythms and stimulate creative ideas. Learning the language of rhythm helps us to understand and decipher the music we enjoy listening to.

After about 6 weeks, you will begin coordinating your feet with your hands. This is usually done by adding the bass drum, which is played by your foot using a pedal device. You’ll be doing 3 things at once. At this point you will also be learning the basic concepts of drumming, common in most of the music we hear.

The first concept is unison. Unison is when two parts of the drumset are played together at the same time. The next idea is “2 over 1”when one drum plays two notes and the other drum plays one. The final concept is the single stroke. The most common use of the single stroke is during a drum fill, but single strokes happen more often than we notice. They usually occur between a cymbal and snare drum or a cymbal and bass drum during the song’s “groove”.

Advanced Drum Studies

Advanced drum students can expand upon their knowledge of rhythm patterns, or pursue a specific area of study such as jazz. Our drum teachers will guide students, providing technical expertise within a student’s area of interest. Instructors can also help students troubleshoot, avoid injuries, and prepare for performance or a higher education in music. Certain teachers can work with students in production methods, working with programs to create beats and helping students to explore electronic applications of drums.

Meet our drum teachers:

David Pearl

I teach drums and piano. I am an artist, a musician, mentor and educator. People say I am an old soul with fresh ideas.  I am a well-versed drummer and pianist in Philadelphia who has played with a variety of artists across the country. I studied music performance at the University of the Arts. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Temple University. and have continued my education in clinical and counseling psychology at postgraduate level. With a background in special education, behavioral health and Music Education, I understand that each student has a unique learning process and learning style and my job is to teach them accordingly. - Read More About David

Art Thompson

My name is Art Thompson. I began studying drums at age 10. Academically trained through my school band program, and also born into a musical family, I was exposed to a variety of different kinds of music growing up. After high school I had the honor of serving as a member of the U.S. Army Band. I have had an educational article published in Modern Drummer magazine's Rock and Jazz Clinic column as well as having been featured in Modern Drummer's On The Move column and also New Blood in DRUM! magazine. In addition, I have self- published my own method book, The Beginner's Handbook for Drum Set. I base my teaching style on the needs and interests of each individual student. While I feel there are certain foundational things every drummer needs to know (rudiments, reading skills, technique, etc.) I try to find ways to apply those things in applicable ways to the material my students want to learn. - Read More About Art

Tom Cullen

I teach Drums and Piano. Music is my life. On any given day I am performing, teaching, recording, rehearsing or writing music. I began playing and studying drums at a young age and continued my music education all the way up to college. I have 2 music degrees from Bucks County Community College and Temple University. I've been teaching students of all ages for close to 10 years. Instead of a hard lined curriculum I approach each student individually and establish personal goals. I teach with an open mind, patience and care. Lessons are fun and informative. I am a versatile player with years of experience and knowledge. I can teach you any style or technique you wish to learn. - Read More About Tom

Daniel Levine

I teach Trumpet, Upright Bass/Electric Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano. I grew up in a musical family with two double-bass playing parents, and picked up many instruments along the way to becoming a professional musician. I started playing the trumpet in the 4th grade when another family member gave me his student trumpet to try out. A few years later, when I started taking the trumpet to jam sessions in my hometown of New York City, I realized that I wanted to pursue a life in music.  I did most of my musical studies at City University of New York, earning a degree in Jazz Performance, and a Masters in composition, with a minor concentration in music ed. Around 2012 I began doing more work with young musicians and found I had a real passion for teaching music. With that passion in mind, I moved to Philadelphia in 2015 to build a music program in a North Philadelphia charter school serving the Latinx Community. I found this to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My students went on to perform at the Kimmel Center and the Clef Club, and many still play and study music. These days I'm usually going to various schools to help with their music programs, or performing with jazz bands and orchestras around Philadelphia and New York, as I continue to work on my own compositions and develop my trumpet playing (it's a life-long pursuit!). Read more about Daniel  

Sean Conlon

I teach guitar, bass, piano, drums, voice, banjo, ukulele, trumpet, and mandolin.  I moved to Philadelphia to study music at University of the Arts where I graduated with a Bachelors of Music in Instrumental Performance (Guitar) as well as a Masters of Arts in Teaching.  While at Uarts I was lucky to be able to study all of the specific fields of music which initially drew me to the school; performance, writing, recording, and teaching.  I am truly happy to say that all 4 of those are still present in my day-to-day life.  I write and perform music with my band, The Phonies as well as solo music and various collaborations with other Philadelphia songwriters.  I've been lucky to perform music in a wide variety of styles.  I have been teaching private lessons (originally only guitar and piano) for 7 years.  My goal in teaching music is to help each student reach their musical goal, no matter what they may be.  If you aren't quite sure, that's ok too!  I'll help to figure it out.  No matter what goals my student may have I always try to approach the material in a way that empowers the student to learn more information on their own. - Read More About Sean  

Rick Rein

I teach trumpet, guitar, bass, drums, and piano. I came to Philadelphia to attend the University of the Arts, where I studied with Bill Pusey, George Rabbai, Matt Cappy, and Matt Gallagher; Their credits include work with The Philadelphia Orchestra, Michael Jackson, Jill Scott, Jay-Z, and NFL Films. I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in trumpet performance, then dove headfirst into the Philadelphia music scene. As a teacher, my goal is to help students develop their musical ears, along with proper technique and theoretical understanding, so they can find their own personal sound. - Read More About Rick

Patrick Brennan

Aside from playing the bass, I also play drums, piano, ukulele and guitar and possess a strong working knowledge of music theory, notation, and history. I am a musician-educator with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance, and a Master’s degree in Music Education from The University of the Arts (UARTS) in Philadelphia, PA. Throughout my studies and experiences at UARTS, I have amassed a wide range of skill sets in music performance, education, and music business/technology. I have performed throughout the tri-state area with my own quartet as well as with various other UARTS ensembles. - Read More About Patrick

Collin Dennen

I teach bass, guitar, piano, drums, and voice. I grew up in a musical household taking piano lessons from my mother, jamming on drums with my father in the basement, and writing songs with my younger sister. At 13 I discovered my love for bass guitar and enrolled in the Uptown Music Collective in Williamsport, PA. I attended Berklee College of Music where I graduated with a BA in bass performance and music education in 2014. Currently, I play bass and sing backup vocals for Philly-based indie rock bands Ellen Siberian Tiger and Mother Moses and for Boston-based Bengali Pop singer Prithwiraj Choudhury. - Learn More About Collin