Rock Band Ensemble

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Learn rock, blues, funk, folk and more in a fun and relaxed group setting.  This might get loud!

Groups of between 3-5 students can experiment with music in a collective setting. Focusing on the traditional line-up of rock bands, both beginner and advanced students can pursue guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals together, learning how to play as a group while exploring new areas of musical knowledge. Groups are coordinated based on skill-level, age, and interests. Often times, groups of friends or siblings will take rock-band lessons. Advanced students may have an interest in improving performance skills, and will find group lessons a great way to practice playing with others, challenge their technical skills, and prepare for live performance. Group lessons are also an effective way to practice material and expand upon individual private lessons.

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Philly Music Lessons specializes in connecting students of all ages and skill levels with great teachers in the Philadelphia and Main Line areas.