Music Classes for Teens

Classes & camps typically have between 5-6 students.

Jazz Ensemble
Collaboration is an important aspect of music performance, especially when you are playing jazz. Intermediate to advanced students can join our teacher lead ensembles to test their skills and experiment with improvisation. You don’t need to be taking private lessons with us to benefit from our ensembles – these are a great supplement to independent study or current lessons. Students should have at least an intermediate skill level on their instrument and some understanding of jazz theory.

Rock Band Ensemble
Rock Band Ensemble includes traditional rock band instruments: guitar, drums, bass, and vocals. Other instruments can be incorporated as well. Rock music and modern pop can be arranged for this ensemble. Arranged by skill level, students play together under the guidance of one or two teachers. The instructors teach concepts to the group while directing arrangements and working with individuals as necessary.

Beginner Violin Classes
These classes teach students beginner violin technique in a group setting. Eventually, students will play in small ensembles to sharpen their skills. Note reading, ear-training, and other beginner musical concepts will be taught.

Beginner Guitar Classes
For students of all ages who want to learn guitar, our group classes go over the basic concepts. Form and technique are introduced, such as proper strumming or picking technique, and we learn how to achieve great tone. Classes can either move in the classical direction, or towards jazz, rock, or pop. Content varies depending on the interests of the group. Students will have the opportunity to learn duets and other multi-player pieces.

Beginner Voice Classes
Learn to sing with us and we will teach you techniques that will enable you to properly exercise your voice! Ear-training and group vocal exercises offer ways to improve tone, pitch, and breathing. Groups will be lead in performance of ensemble pieces, and will also focus on individual trouble-shooting.

Summer Camps
Coming soon! Please inquire to get early information about dates, duration, price, and more. Ideal for intermediate to advanced students who have an interest in collaborating with peers in music while working on individual improvement throughout the summer. Opportunities to learn genres such as jazz, rock, blue, and more.


Philly Music Lessons specializes in connecting students of all ages and skill levels with great teachers in the Philadelphia and Main Line areas.