Adeniyi Samuel – Voice, Piano Teacher

Adeniyi Samuel
Voice, Piano

Adeniyi Samuel


M.M Vocal Performance, Temple University

B.M Vocal Performance, Gordon College

Classical, Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Musical Theatre, Music Theory, African Music

I am a versatile bass-baritone singer, instructor (voice, piano, and music theory), songwriter,

arranger/composer, church music director/worship leader, and consultant. My musical interest covers a range of Western and African genres, including opera, musical theater, jazz, pop, and gospel. A few of my recent opera, operetta, and musical theater roles include Baron Campo-Tasso in Offenbach’s The Brigands, Bartolo in Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, Arkel in Debussy’s Impression de Pelléas. I performed Benoit in Puccini’s La bohème, as Krušina in Smetana’s Bartered Bride, and as Frank (cover) in Die Fledermaus by Strauss Jr. In 2022, I was featured as the Psalmist on the 30th anniversary of Cry Innocent production, a theatrical adaptation of the Salem, MA Witch Trial of 1692, produced by History Alive. I played Sam in Two Point Off the Weather Bow and arranged the music for No Ghost in the Old Town Hall for History Alive Inc. I have worked with various directors, such as Jeffery Miller, Copeland Woodruff, Kristina Stevick, and Brandon McShaffery. I have also worked with conductors Joseph Mechavich, Michael Vollhardt, and Michael Sakir. I sang in various masterclasses for acclaimed singers such as Lester Lynch, Michael Meraw, James Demler, Grammy-award winner Kevin McMillian, and two-time Grammy nominee Stephen Powell, to name a few.


My musical journey started in my home country, Lagos, Nigeria, where I worked as a music

director/worship leader, as a lead singer with diverse recording bands: performing various repertoires of different musical styles at events and concerts, not limited to gospel music. I also worked as a background vocalist for various professional artists and as a voice-over artist. I studied Radio Presentation at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and interned at The Voice of Nigeria. I taught voice, piano, and music theory at a few music academies and my private studio and prepared my students for various local and international music examinations. I earned my Associate of Music in Vocal Performance/Music Education from the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) in 2015 and won the best Male Operatic Voice at graduation. I also hold various music certifications: grade 8 in Singing, grade 5 in Piano and Clarinet from the Association Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), and grade 8 in the Theory of Music from Trinity Music Examination Board, London. I later moved to the United States and graduated from Temple University, PA, with a Master of Music in Vocal Performance and received the Dean Emeritus Helen Laird Voice and Opera Graduate Award. I earned a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance with a minor in Theater Arts from Gordon College, MA, and received the Evangelyne Etienne award and a Presidential Honor for my academic and performance excellence. My most recent award is winning first place in the Adult Classical TBB Voice category at the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Competition in October 2021, among other awards and honors in my musical journey. Since moving to the United States, I have taught voice, piano, and music theory at various music academies in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Besides performing opera, operetta, and musical theater roles, I have a long history of directing church music, leading worship, as a music consultant at diverse denominations, and as a soloist at various events, concerts, and recitals: singing classical, Spirituals, contemporary, jazz, and African music. I am interested in fusing Western and African music with my expertise in various genres. My One-Man musical, We Need a Savior, which premiered in December 2021, was birthed by these efforts. So far, We Need a Savior has enjoyed three successful productions in three different states in the United States: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. I premiered an Extended Play (EP) of worship songs in 2021, to be released this year, 2023.

My teaching focuses on building strong musicianship and technical ability that help to free and develop versatility, agility, and flexibility, expand vocal range, and restore a deteriorating voice. I work with each of my students to develop a lesson plan that meets their needs, level of proficiency, and uniqueness in whatever style of music they desire.

When did you begin singing, and why?

I started singing around the age of 5, mainly because each of us in my family must join our church children’s choir whether we like it or not. My mom, a violist at our church, was my first music teacher, who taught me solfege reading (ear training).

What other instruments do you play, and what is your experience with them?

I play the piano/keyboard. I started learning the keyboard in high school, then played for my home church before moving on to play for several churches/denominations while directing and leading worship over two decades and counting. During my associate degree, I played the clarinet, trumpet, and violin for a short while, but not anymore.

What are your personal goals as a musician?

I want to be at the forefront of positive change this world needs through my musical content and performances, and everyone that encounters my work or performances leaves with a blessing and a sense of awe, joy, and satisfaction. I also want to be a better version of yesterday’s abilities as a musician, given the standard out there. I want to give everything musical I possibly can and die empty (if possible) when the time comes.

Do you have a memory of a time when a musical concept or technique really clicked?  Something you’ll remember forever?

There have been many such moments while dealing with various musical ideas or singing techniques. One such time was at a masterclass with Kelvin McMillan in 2018; dealing with jaw movement while singing was an eye-opener.

What is your favorite piece of advice from one of your past (or current) teachers?

I usually don’t have favorite anything, haha, so one of the impactful pieces of advice was, “don’t give up; you were made for this.” It’s very encouraging to hear that from a well-established professional as my teacher.

What was your most challenging moment learning an instrument

Relearning the figuring for playing scales on the piano after using incorrect fingering for over five years in the early years of my piano playing.

What is your biggest musical achievement?

Writing/composing a One-Man musical in 2021, producing myself, and staging it for live audiences in 3 different states in the United States: PA, MA, and NJ so far. Most recent prize: Winning first place in the Adult Classical TTBB category at the National Association Teachers of Singing (NATS) Greater Philadelphia chapter in 2021, among other awards and honors in my career.

Favorite thing about teaching?

I get to work with different individuals and be part of the success story, and I also learn and grow in the process.

What is a piece of advice you would like to share with anyone learning music?

Be consistent, patient in learning, and courageous.

Personal music projects:

Recording my first worship EP, working on a Two-Man musical for a Bass-baritone and a Soprano to be premiered in summer 2023, and commencing a worship concert series from April 2023. Presently working on the role of Dulcamara with the Boston Opera Collaborative in their April-May 2023 production of the opera, “Elixir of Love.


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